Custom Fonts

Suitable for brands who want to make the most of a visual identity, unique fonts are designed tailor-made and become true brand assets.

• 100% original design;
• Perpetual exclusivity;
• Unlimited distribution within the organization and to accredited suppliers;

Votorantim Sans: the consolidation of a strong brand

Fonts give visual form to the verbal language. Corporate fonts materialize brand strategies, carrying its individual personality and DNA into every written word. In an increasingly saturated environment, speaking consistently with your own voice brings a powerful advantage; and major brands have used it. Votorantim is completing 100 years and reflected on its history and

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A Russian accent for SporTV

One of the most beautiful aspects of the World Cup is the integration between several countries around the same passion. There is a spontaneous cultural exchange that brings surprises, discoveries, memes (of course!) but also homages. During the 2018 World Cup, the SporTV font will adopt a proudly Russian accent. The exclusive typography, developed by

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SporTV Icons

There are many icons readily available, just as there are many existing fonts. And just as some brands are not content with existing solutions, there are those who want their icons be their own. SporTV channels now feature more than 100 icons exclusively developed by Fabio Haag Type. From soccer to tennis, from climate to

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