By licensing a font from Fabio Haag type:

What you can do, peacefully:

  • Install the fonts on as many computers as you like, as long as within the same company, and the number of simultaneous users does not exceed the number of users you selected at the time of purchase. There is no limitation, neither by time, type of usage, number of impressions or geographical restrictions, imposed by the User License.
  • If you have included the Web license, you can use the webfonts on a single website, with a domain associated with the same licensed company, without any traffic limitation;
  • If you have included the App license, you can use the fonts for a single title, even if it is implemented on different platforms, without any limitation on the number of downloads.

What you cannot do, and sleep well:

  • Send the fonts to family and friends;
  • Send the fonts to strangers (even worse, right?);
  • Send the fonts to third-party suppliers (but, there is an exception here: you can send the fonts to a print bureau when you need to submit an open artwork for print production. In this case, the supplier must delete the font files after production.

Please refer to the complete Licenses, which you agree upon automatically when you download the fonts, available here.