Fonts in Use

Choosing a retail font is an effective, fast and cost-effective solution for a variety of projects.

• Low cost;
• Immediate availability.

There’s always Margem for innovation

Maddock Douglas is an innovation consultancy. I can picture you rolling your eyes at ‘innovation consulting’ but allow me to finish: they have been doing this for 25 years. They can use the word ‘disruption’ on the top of their home page. Better yet, they wrote it in my typeface Margem and adopted it throughout

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Sua font: an intuitive choice for Monange

Designing retail fonts – not commissioned by a particular client – has an exciting dynamic. Hundreds of hours are invested in creating something that we do not know where will stand. Who will use it? In what way? Will it behave in the contexts out there, in real life? Will it walk in the company

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A book is not a sum of words, phrases, and chapters.

It is an object, physical and palpable. We feel the weight of a book. We touch the texture of its cover. We open and flip its pages comfortably. There is a sense of pleasure hard to explain when we hold a book which is complete – besides well-written, very well-designed. “Aquela Água Toda” by João

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Inside the margins in 500 pages

The book which stars the Brazilian Heritage series also premieres Margem in the editorial world, for the record, in more than 500 pages. Cultural Goods of Brazil, organized by João de Souza Leite, focuses on the political-cultural thinking of Aloisio Magalhães, considered one of the most important Brazilian graphic designers of the 20th century. Ney

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Picture my happy face: my font Sua stars in the real world on the packaging of a local artisanal beer. The project by Bruno Schilling is amazing and departs from the common sense of the category. The beer from Rübebeer I already enjoyed, but from now on, will taste extra special. Thank you both! Find out

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